Brenda Treadgold Spiritual Artist

I work on platform regularly with Spiritual Medium,  Richard Baldwin.

Due to my deafness, I am unable to work alone as I cannot hear the responses from the congregation.

I will often link in to Spirit and produce a drawing to take with me before I go.

The images the Spirit world give to  me are very clear. I can 'see' the images in my minds eye, of those who wish to come through, and also aspects of their lives are given to me too, dates , places, names, all sorts of information, some of which is quite bizarre, but I write it all down as even the smallest thing can mean something to the recipient. I use an easel while working on platform, and Richard and I, take it in turns to give evidence, sometimes linking together. Please see link to my diary page for future events.

Prints of my artwork are always for sale at these venues.