Spirit Drawings

Examples of my Spiritual Drawings

These are examples of my artwork that you would receive when requesting drawings of guides and loved ones .

They are created on quality water colour paper, size 15 inches x 11 inches, in pencils, graphite and coloured, 

plus additional written information  as relayed to me by your spirit communicator.

I will need a photo of you (returned) or send a photo via email with your request, so I may link into spirit and produce a drawing

of your guide or loved ones.

Please let me know your preferences as to whether you rquire a guide or loved one.

Price: £20.00 when paying by cheque  (Plus £5.00 P+P ) Please contact me via email or text for address.

Price  £22.00 when paying by PayPal  (Plus £5.00 P+P )


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